KACND is A Platform for Responsible Expression: Alhussayen

News Date : Wednesday 9/3/2011

The Presidential Committee of the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue met on Tuesday 8th of March as a part of their periodical meetings they have to discuss some important matters at the Center's Headquarters in Riyadh. Within this meeting KACND followed-up on the latest news and subject the media deals with that target the stability of the Kingdom. His Excellency Shiekh Saleh Alhussayen, the Chairman of the Presidential Committee, emphasized that the King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue reassures all nationals from different groups and ideologies with what this Center was established upon according to the Royal Decree; to be a platform for responsible expression, by commitment to our national and religious unity. Therefore, and through the rich experiences KACND gained in the pass 8 years supported by the confidence of the nationals, the Center reminds of the importance of abiding to the manners of constructive dialogue and moderation. Shiekh Saleh also pointed out that the Center is willing to receive any opinions or ideas from all streams that are responsible and confined to the fundamentals of Islam and aim at serving our religion and country without affecting national unity or the country's bases.

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